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Mr Stewart Lamb Cromar MSc, BSc (Hons)

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Key Skills

  • Developer
  • Manager
  • Designer
  • Artist
  • Gamer
  • AFOL

LEGO Ideas

"Lovelace & Babbage"

December 10th 2015 marked the 200th anniversary of Ada Lovelace's birth. This LEGO Ideas project was designed to be a fitting commemoration for her bicentenary and to hopefully inspire a whole new generation of computer programmers.

The monochromatic brick palette helps to evoke a Victorian atmosphere and the engine itself is decorated with cogs, chains and pistons for a steampunk aesthetic. There is also capacity for the model to house a mini-computer such as the Raspberry Pi v2.0 single-board computer (optional and not included).

It reached 10,000 votes on August 27th 2016 and was officially reviewed by the LEGO Group, but ultimately not approved for production in Q1 2017.


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SOCLE homepage<


Stroke Oral healthCare pLan Evaluation

SOCLE II is a pilot trial of an enhanced oral health care service provision versus usual care. SOCLE II aims to evaluate the feasibility of a full trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of a complex OHC service versus usual care for people in stroke care settings.

Expedited production of e-learning videos, photographs, animations, quizzes, and virtual patient case studies. 90 minutes worth of training materials within a 2 month development window.

Participant questionnaires are completed before and after training materials, this user performance data is captured and delivered to ECTU for post-trial analysis.

Multi-institute collaborative research project — University of Glasgow, Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland, NHS Scotland and Glasgow Caledonian University.

e-learning Kohana MVC Flash research

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Nursing Studies Vimeo video

Nursing Studies

Multi-discipline marketing project for upcoming and existing online CPD nursing studies courses.

With a target audience of postgraduate ODL students content generation included video production, graphic design and HTML5 interactive learning objects (Hype).

Assets were published on the university CMS (Polopoly), e-learning platform (Blackboard Learn) and School of Health in Social Science Vimeo channel.

video HTML 5 Tumult Hype marketing

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SULSA website


Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance

SULSA is a research pooling partnership between the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde that is supported by the Scottish Funding Council.

A brand new SULSA website was developed and launched in February 2014. This bespoke Drupal 7 solution included advanced metadata taxonomies to support all SULSA events, persons, research facilities (6) and geographic locations (16+).

Drupal themes

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Climate Change YouTube channel

Climate Change

Bespoke learning platform. Multiple tutor/student engagement opportunities (G+, email, discussion boards, Google Hangouts, YouTube channel).

Asynchronous communications and global scheduling. Student video assignments act as exemplar teaching tools and lecture materials for subsequent cohorts, but also user generated marketing materials.

OER Google Hangouts ODL

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Euan MacDonald Centre website

Euan MacDonald Centre

The Euan MacDonald Centre is a collaborative group of multi-disciplinary researchers who study MND using a broad range of disease models, approaches and health informatics.

This site was rapidly developed (5 developers over 2 days) - delivering a bespoke WordPress theme featuring a responsive web design (RWD).

RWD WordPress themes

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Little Printer

"USA Food Months"

A printable miniseries of United States of America food months for Berg's web-connected printer called Little Printer. Featuring 2 bespoke icons and 10 others hand-picked from the Noun Project image repository.

print symbols icons Creative Commons

Preview publication

Series 03 - July 2014


Drawing materials: acryclics and inks.

San Francisco cityscapes perspectives 3 minute sketches

Taking paper and card for painting, priming it and putting down coloured grounds using acrylic paint. Developing a series of quick landscape sketches onto these prepared surfaces. Scaling up these exploratory sketches to larger fully-realised pieces.

Series 02 - July 2013

Mixed Media

Drawing materials: pencil, charcoal, pens, pastels, paints, inks, water, wax candle, eraser, rags, scraper, Lego bricks and glue.

family photographs instructional manuals medical illustrations fossils landscapes

A series of studies/sketches of different personal artefacts. Different focal points give more or less attention to selective parts of the drawing; with some areas left unfinished or understated and implied. Repeating the process of adding and erasing marks created interesting and subtle surface qualities within the drawing.

Regularly changing tools helped achieve an image with different layers and focus. Photocopied sketchbook images with contrasting visual qualities were juxtaposed to make new compositional ideas.

Series 01 - August 2012

Life Drawing

Drawing materials: willow charcoal, pencil and Conté pencils (Sanguine).

life models left-handed foreshortening 15 minute sketches

Academic Publications

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Conference Proceedings

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