Cute yellow, red and blue hovercraft driven by lamb and monkey minifigures.


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Index of interviews and features in various prestigious publications (digital and print).


Brick Nerd

Tatooine Tails: The Fabuland Homestead and Landspeeder (18 October 2021)


Blocks Magazine

Blocks Magazine (January 2022) [Issue 87, Page 98]

Briques Magazine

Briques Magazine (May/June 2023) [Issue 22, Page 57]

The Brothers Brick

A Star Wars Fabuland hangar with a special feature for folks dealing with sight loss (1 March 2024)

What the world needs now is a TIE Bungalow (24 May 2023)

Fabuland celebrates LEGO’s 90th Anniversary (03 May 2022)

Fabulous Fabuland AT-AT walks straight into our hearts (11 December 2021)

Fabulous Fabuland Homestead (24 September 2021)

Fabulous Fabulandspeeder (5 June 2021)

National Museums Scotland (NMS)

LEGO Lovelace: Building a modern icon (23 August 2017)