Colourful LEGO elements laid out neatly.

Bonny Bunny’s New House

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I completed a lovely retro build last weekend, Fabuland set 3674 ‘Bonny Bunny’s New House’ from 1987. A perfect opportunity for some knolling!

44 elements and two minifigures laid out neatly.

Storybook time

If you’d didn’t already know Fabuland instructions are more a storybook than technical manual. Charming hand drawn illustrations take you, and the featured characters, through the build page-by-page. It’s more a case of spot the difference, than today’s ‘what parts go where’.

Instruction manual showing how to build the upstairs, with LEGO model in foreground.

House party

Each set is quite unique, in that you have a cute narrative that justifies what you’re building and why. For Bonny Bunny’s New House, she wants to build a home, with Edward Elephant’s help, and throw a house-warming party afterwards to celebrate.

The red phone you assembled and positioned on the ground floor is later used to invite her friends over. At the end of the book guests are dancing on the table, eating cake and having a right old laugh! They party so hard Bonnie’s house is a “mess” (i.e. trashed), but Edward kindly reminds her they have the instructions to rebuild everything!

Rabbit minifigure assembling dressing table.

Don’t sweat it

Compared to a modern build this is a very relaxed experience. Stickers have no numbers, there is a little leeway on where you position elements on the baseplate and storybooks typically end with alternate builds that positively encourage wackiness.

It’s true it can sometimes be a little tricky to identify the changes between steps, especially on larger Fabuland sets where the part count is increased.

However, I can’t help think we could borrow a few of these creative touches and make today’s instructions a little more light-hearted.

Finished house with motorbike, table and chairs in the front garden.

Start monkeying around

I have observed the occasional moment of levity in recent years, see pop-up storybook (set 21315) with the giant wolf’s hand and Monkey Kid’s videogame style progress indicator.

One the whole I would say these are rare exceptions and LEGO could dare to be a little more playful. After all, who doesn’t need more Fabuland charm in their life?

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