Braille Bricks

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Whilst experiencing further sight loss last year, I went ahead and bought set 40656 ‘LEGO Playing with Braille’. My latest hangar MOC incorporates eight different Braille bricks, spelling out the word Fabuland.

As nobody is generally touching my MOC (my own creation) at shows, other than me, I went ahead and decorated it with yellow 1×1 round tiles to better integrate it with my hangar aesthetic.

I did provide visitors with a touchable 16×16 plate with unblemished Braille bricks for educational purposes.

Especially for me

Most onlookers haven’t spotted the Braille bricks, but to be perfectly honest they are primarily included for me. If others notice them that’s a bonus, and of course I’m very keen to talk about what they are and why they’re there.

It was very important for me to somehow document, or timestamp, my sight loss journey into this large build.

Prolonged build time

What would have previously taken me a few weeks, has now taken me almost a year to complete. The loss of sight in one eye and the impairments in the other has no doubt slowed me down. Eight surgeries in the last 12 months and their associated recovery time also factors into this prolonged build time.

Adding these Braille bricks as Star Wars wall texturing (or greebling) satisfies my artistic ambitions and perfectly symbolises my sight loss journey in Lego form.

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Further reading

For more information on Lego’s Braille bricks I would strongly recommend reading this well written and thoughtful blog post by William Reed.