3 mice eating chocolate cake and icing whilst a 4th hoovers up crumbs.

Cake Party!

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Last weekend I went to see my ‘Lego Mouse Party’ model on display at the Lego House, Billund, Denmark.

Stewart eating one slice, standing in front of an entire 90th birthday Lego cake covered in mice minifigures.

Happy 90th LEGO!

This birthday cake MOC was a runner-up winner in a 2022 LEGO Ideas contest that celebrated their 90th anniversary.

It’s an honour to have my Fabuland creation installed there and something I’m truly proud to have achieved.

I was so lucky to have my good friends Pete and Tim accompany me and share the celebration.

Hope you like the Mortimer Mouse hat I designed to mark the special occasion. 

Leg Godt (?? Play Well), Stewart x

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