Primary coloured brick-built imperial walker using Fabuland elements.


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Happy FAB-AT-AT Instructions Day! PDF building instructions for my FAB-AT-AT are finally available to buy from Rebrickable.

PDF instructions

FAB-AT-AT (Hoth Playhouse) is my Fabuland inspired AT-AT.

PDF building instructions, with parts list, can be purchased and downloaded from Rebrickable.

Revised model

This updated model is the version I currently take to Lego shows and has many significant improvements over my 2021 original MOC.

It also includes two custom MILS plates (with snowy footprints) for a smart and stable display (handy for wobbly tables).

There are 1116 parts in total (204 unique parts) and includes 7 Minifigures (3 goats, 1 monkey, 1 crow, 1 seagull & 1 lamb).

Some parts may take a little time to source, but you should be able to build this design for approximately £190 (excluding any shipping costs). This estimate is based on UK/EU sellers and current BrickLink prices.

Part substitutions

  • Rebrickable lists the light gray Fabuland roof slope with blue support as two separate parts (Roof 4323 + Support 787), but it’s more common to buy them as one. So please also look for item number ‘787c05‘.
  • If you want the printed red umbrella instead, look for item ‘x845pb02’.
  • Similarly, if you’d prefer the blue house with ‘Spare Tire and Faucet Pattern’ stickers, look for item ‘x661c03pb01’.
  • Regarding Minifigure alternatives there is another yellow lamb with different eyelashes (fab7d), and a crow with white eyes (fab4h).

Photo gallery

N.B. Download full-resolution versions from my dedicated Flickr album ‘FAB-AT-AT‘.

Image credits

‘FAB-AT-AT’ Copyright © Stewart Lamb Cromar 2024. All rights reserved.

Disability notice

Please note I have a visual impairment: I will take a little longer to read long text passages, may miss small details or potentially make typos.

Creating instructions take a long time, and with my sight loss it’s a very challenging task. So, if you do buy my PDF, please know I’m extremely grateful for your support.

If you spot any issues or have a question, please get in touch and I’ll attempt to address them ASAP. Rest assured, any updated PDFs are free to re-download from Rebrickable.

Leg Godt (Play Well), Stewart x

Stubot Memoji - making a heart shape with his hands.

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