One minifigure standing precariously on a chair to photograph a small version of the Villa.

Micro Villa

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‘Micro Villa’ is a microscale version of Lego set 6372 ’Villa’ from 1982. Created for a recent Tartan LUG building challenge.

This Steen Sig Andersen designed house was a childhood favourite and the striped canopy is such a nostalgic detail I taught myself to use PartDesigner especially. I think the sticker/decal really helps make this model instantly recognisable.

Download PartDesigner

1982 / 2021 comparison

Drag the red slider horizontally to see a how the 1982 original compares with my microscale interpretation.

Building instructions

You can download the PDF building instructions and an XML parts list from the Rebrickable website. The XML file can be imported on sites like BrickLink to create a ‘Wanted List’ and purchase only the Lego elements you require.

Stick around

I’ve designed a custom sticker for the iconic canopy that you can download too. Make sure you print 100%, it should be 13mm wide.

Torso talk

Please note BrickLink Studio preferred me to use separate torsos, arms and hands for the two 1982 minifigures. Whilst Rebrickable has them listed as one complete part. Therefore when purchasing parts for this MOC you can either search for the complete torso or the individual components.

Nerd facts

  • 10 different colours
  • 48 different elements (shapes)
  • 75 total number of elements
  • 35 grams (g)
  • 12.74 pounds sterling (£)*

*Estimated costs based on BrickLink prices at time of publication.

Penny pincher

If you only want to build the Villa, you could leave out the minifigures and Fabuland furniture. This reduced version should only cost about £3.07.

Inside Tour 2017

I was fortunate enough to meet Steen Sig Andersen in May 2017 when he and the other designers kindly presented us with our Inside Tour exclusive set 4000024 ‘LEGO House Tree of Creativity’.

If you look close enough you can see my wee face on the group photo they used on our bespoke box packaging.

Scroll back in time on my Instagram to May/June 2017 if you want to see even more tour photos.

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