Lamb minifigure skiing across a mountain range made out of empty eye drop bottles.

One Year

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One year ago today I had my fifth surgery for a recurring detached retina.

It has been a journey and it is still very challenging adapting to partial vision loss, only last week I had a wee fall and injured my left hand due to impaired depth perception.

However, I am truly grateful for the NHS professionals that helped me retain what eyesight I have today.

Lego therapy

I strongly believe building with Lego bricks has improved both my physical and mental well-being.

It has been a fantastic 12-months Lego-wise, with my University of Edinburgh library model raising over £2K for Sight Scotland, getting a MOC displayed in the Edinburgh Lego Store and having my FAB-AT-AT go viral!

Reduced screen time

My original plan was to write a long-form blog post to positively mark the occasion. But work has been taxing and I’m limiting my screen time wherever possible, so this micro post will have to suffice for now.

Thank you to my family, friends and followers for the support this last year.

Leg godt!

Love, Stewart ❤️??