LEGO elf minifigure presenting news bulletins in a blizzard from Santa’s Workshop, North Pole

Virtual elf benefits

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I had a great time attending our virtual festive office party this week. A kind team of University colleagues designed a creative agenda, stuffed full of genuine LOL moments for us all.

Inclusive event

Traditionally we’d all have a wee quiz and fancy meal in an Edinburgh restaurant. For 2020, our virtual equivalent had some very thoughtful inclusivity considerations:

  • Captions on pre-recorded performances/videos.
  • Virtual/digital alternatives to any physical activities.
  • Multiple catering options for different dietary restrictions. 
  • Detailed agenda published in advance, crucially combined with very good time-keeping (thank you Kevin).

Helping myself

What also helped me enjoy it was the animated elf avatar I had designed for respite purposes. I’ve undergone multiple major eye surgeries this year and am living with a hidden visual impairment. Reducing my screen time is one solution that helps mitigate my symptoms.

Whenever I needed to rest my eyes I’d turn off my web camera and activate my digital elf equivalent (a LEGO minifigure of course). This broadcast solution allowed me to stay active (i.e. listen to the stream) but also remain visible/engaged to others in the Microsoft Teams room.

Helpful to others 

I suspect this same solution could also be attractive or beneficial to others. Our event took place over five hours and this would allow anyone to take comfort breaks without virtually leaving the party. 

Hopefully the following set of instructions will assist others to create their own avatar. I won’t pretend it’s a quick or simple technological task, but I thoroughly enjoyed researching and designing it.

Create your own avatar 

Happy holidays 

Thanks again to my university colleagues for organising such a memorable  and inclusive event. Part of me genuinely hopes next year’s party also has a virtual component.

Jingle Bells Acapella

Here’s the talented Lauren Johnston-Smith playing Jingle Bells, accompanied by some singing elves!


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